Don’t be a “stage mother”. Listen to your dog…

Is your dog ready to work? Feeling safe and secure at optimal levels?
Don’t be that “stage mother” who subjects their dog to unfair, unrealistic situations and pressure for their own personal aspirations of glory.
Prepare your dog fairly and thoroughly, but prioritize their comfort level-even though that may not always be convenient to the human expectation.
Shade Whitesel of Fenzi Dog Sport Academy explains her “ready to work” protocol to determine your dog’s readiness and ability to work in any given environment. A great article here packed with practical step by step protocol for assessing your dog’s readiness to work-

Are you Ready to work?

2 thoughts on “Don’t be a “stage mother”. Listen to your dog…

  1. Char,

    Thanks for sharing. Good advice!

    I’ve been thinking about my goals in training Kelsey as we go through Deven’s class. (One more session on Saturday.) I like some of her ideas although we are very far behind the weekly training schedule. School is still out of control so I’m not putting pressure on either me or Kelsey right now. We’re both having trouble adjusting to my workload and schedule.

    I hope Flash and Wilkie enjoyed the cooler weather today. Very humid here but at least it was a break from the heat.



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