My dogs, 2003 to the present-

The Girls, Abby and Haley– In the first picture Haley is left and Abby, right.

UCDX, UAGll, Little Miss Dynamite Abby, CD, CDX-H, VER, RL3,(AOE), ATD, TDI, CGC

UCD, UAGll, Miss Princess Haley, UD-H, RL-3, (AOE), ATD, TDI, CGC,

I first competed in obedience back in the 1970’s with our family pet at the time, a Great Pyrenees named Heidi. Over the years I continuously owned and trained dogs, but once I was married time and opportunities for competitive dog sports were scarce in the rural area where we lived. I then spent many years working as a groomer and a licensed vet tech, meanwhile raising sheep on our farm. I also spent many years training horses.

In 2003 Abby and Haley, both mixed breed rescues, came into my life and brought me back to obedience and the new age plethora of dog sports. In 2014, Flash, the Whippet joined our family, and in 2017 we added Wilkie, a Whippet x Cirneco dellEtna.

In 2003 it was Abby, my little terrier mix, who  brought me back to competition when I decided to try what was then the “new” sport of APDT Rally. Abby was an exceptional bright light and my teacher in the “new age” of dog training sports (for those of us that are old enough to remember the “dark ages”). Haley joined us later that same year as we took to the new paths of evolving training methods, education and opportunities. We have been able to enrich our lives in ways that were unknown to me in the old days of traditional competition obedience, so I will always treasure those years with Abby and Haley as my time of enlightenment and growth in dog training.

From 2003-2013 Abby and Haley competed in a variety of sports including Obedience, Rally, Tricks and Treibball, with a couple of Agility titles along the way as well. Combined, they earned 7 Highs in Trial in Obedience (UKC, CDSP) and Awards of Excellence in all 3 levels of APDT Rally. In 2011 Haley earned the #10 spot in the national rankings of CDSP  Utility. In 2012 Abby (at the age of 12 yrs.) earned AKC recognition for being one of the first two All-Americans to earn the AKC Obedience Versatility title (VER). In 2010 we began training Treibball, and in 2012 started participating in the first World Treibball League. In late 2013, Abby (13+ yrs.) and Haley (11 yrs.) both earned their Advanced Trick Dog titles (ATD) through Do More With Your Dog.

We said our final goodbye to Abby on May 5, 2016 at age 16+. She will be greatly missed, and will always be my angel. As of this writing in April 2017, Haley is still going strong at age 14+ and she still loves to go for walks, play a little treibball and even some parkour! Sometimes she even takes a notion to play with little brother Flash, if the mood strikes:)


Flash“, our Whippet boy. His full AKC name is Shannon Down Color in Lines. Born 10/14/2012 and joined our family on May 31, 2014.

Flash is my first purebred whippet. Haley is a 1/2 whippet, and she was the inspiration for getting a purebred whippet this time. So enter Flash- bred for speed of course! He is smart, quick, sweet, sensitive and playful. Since his arrival in June 2014 I have been working with him on competition Obedience, Treibball, Parkour, Tricks and FastCAT coursing.   As always, my priority is that he sees all training and performing as fun and positive experiences with me.

Flash’s accomplishments so far:

2017- BCAT, (AKC Fast coursing title)

2017-TDA (AKC Trick Dog Advanced)

2017- Advanced (ATD) and Expert Trick Dog (ETD)

2016- Obedience- TEAM 1-Fenzi TEAM Titles, Level 1 and Pre-2.

2016- NTD- Novice Trick Dog

2015- IPKD-N, Novice Parkour Dog

2015- Completed  NATE Treibball Skills Certification, Level 2 in all 3 categories: Distance,  Directionals, and Pushing.

2015-17-World Treibball League player


April 2017, enter 18 month old Wilkie, the “Cirpet”! Wilkie is a hybrid cross of Whippet and Cirneco dell Etna. Technically that makes him a “Longdog”, which is a cross of 2 sighthound breeds. Or a “Lurcher” if you don’t consider the Cirneco as a true sighthound:)

We are just now getting acquainted and will see where his sweet disposition, curiosity and high energy takes us!