Class descriptions-Treibball

Motivational, dog-friendly training 

Instructor Char Turner, bio and credentials

See current class offerings here

Using only positive, motivational, force free methods we embrace the joy of working and playing as equal partners with our dogs. 

Focus areas include skills specific to the sport of Treibball plus games  for enrichment and creativity, and trainer skills.

Fees and Scheduling: See current class offerings here

Private and semi-private lessons are also available. For more info email to:
  • Private lessons are $40.00/hr.
  • Shared semi-private is $20.00/hr.

Skills covered in classes include:

  • Use of shaping, targeting, marker/reward and positive reinforcement methods for relationship building, confidence and successful execution and performance.
  • Obedience for treibball – call offs, wait, stay, sends/go-outs, directionals, stationary positions-all on verbal or hand signal and all from a distance.
  • Ball handling skills, including pushing techniques and problem solving.
  • Games to enhance  distance, directional, problem solving abilities and trainer skills.

Instructional sequence and class descriptions: Group classes at Love on a Leash are offered in 7 week block sessions. Individuals stay at each level as long as necessary.

Classes are broken into 5 levels as follows:

  • Beginner Level 1 (Foundations for Treibball and Creative Training): Pre-req minimum is basic obedience, CGC, or other sport foundation training. Dogs and handlers must be reliable to work in the presence of other dogs. Students will learn and practice application of marker/reward techniques, targeting and shaping for Treibball and fun training game activities. Beginning Treibball skills will include go-outs, generalized nose targeting, introduce directionals with one target, and body awareness with orientation to handler. Complementary skills will be taught for fun and cross training, body awareness and to refine trainer skills.
  • Beginner Level 2, Fundamentals of Treibball: Pre-req is Level 1. We will expand on the foundation skills and begin introducing the ball. Nose targeting the ball and ball pushing short distances. Go-out past one ball, adding distance to the go-outs. Orientation with one ball. Begin clock-face directionals with 2 targets. Cues for the directionals, go-out, and “push” will be established. Complementary behaviors will be taught for fun and cross training, body awareness and to refine trainer skills. Directional games such as hoops and barrel racing.

Intermediate through Competition level, (prerequisites are Beginner Level 1 and Level 2):

  • Intermediate: Treibball Skills and more: PRE-NOVICE Competition Pushing one ball up to 20 feet. Directionals, call-off, and wait behind ball/target. Body language cueing from a distance, orientation/balance. Continue to add distance to the go-outs. 2-ball directional exercises. Begin oriented pushing exercises (mazes, twist and turns). Appropriate games and tricks to enhance learning. Prepare for NOVICE Competition: Continue to build on previous skills-adding distance and number of balls balls to orientation, directionals, and go-outs. More ball control skills- working corners, oriented pushing exercises, runaway balls, etc. Games and more-Appropriate game variations to enhance learning. Create behavior chain routines; games of Hoops and Barrel racing with more challenging sequences, distance, etc.
  • Advanced: Treibball Novice Competition and more -Building to sending and pushing 3-5 balls with accuracy from 35 feet. A variety of exercises will be used to continue to develop and strengthen skills learned in previous classes. Appropriate challenges and games to enhance learning.
  • Competition level: Intermediate Competition and beyond- Increasing distance with sends and directionals to 50-75 feet, increase number of balls, ball control challenges, pushing accuracy challenges. Games and obstacles for pushing confidence and accuracy. And more to come!

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