Why Treibball?

Treibball is still evolving as a sport, but the foundation that prevails is positive relationship based training and being user friendly for all dogs and handlers.

Treibball roots come from herding, but treibball is actually “cutting and driving”, not herding. If you have ever seen cutting horses at work, Tball is very similar except you are at the goal directing the dog from a distance (instead of riding the horse) to bring balls in to you, one at a time. ANY dog who has prey or play drive can learn and enjoy this game. My dogs are mixed breeds of terrier and whippet, and they are both loving treibball. My dogs are also seniors, both 10+ years old. That is the beauty of this sport, low impact on dog and handler, yet still has the many training challenges and intricacies of other sports. For those who just want to play in their backyard, it is great fun to train and fun exercise for your dog! And if you are already a seasoned dog sport participant and ready for a body friendly, but still challenging sport that doesn’t involve heavy equipment or fancy footwork- then Treibball just might be your ticket!

Abby pushing

For the more serious dog sport competitor- If you have watched Treibball on you tube, some of the beginning levels may appear deceptively easy with the shorter distance and the relative simplicity of the game, which is to push large exercise balls to the goal one at a time. You may even think to yourself ,”That’s all it is?” But as soon as you start training for the sport, you will realize that you can be very creative and take the training as far as you want to go. While great as a stand alone sport, Treibball also offers wonderful foundation and/or cross training. The distance work and directionals, which are fundamental to Treibball, will serve you well if you also participate in other dog sports such as agility. And for competition obedience it is very compatible with go-outs, stays, recalls and signals foundations. And tricks? Well, if you ever wanted to teach your dog tricks, Treibball is a great way to learn how-using targeting, shaping and creative elements throughout.

If you search youtube you will see many levels- The intermediate levels increase the distance and other challenges. At the advanced levels, the evolving rules of the U.S. treibball organizations call for obstacles on the course. This means pushing through tunnels, ditches, bridges, up an incline, and even water (such as a wading pool). This requires advanced directionals, distance work and teamwork. Ball control under these circumstances requires independent thinking and problem solving on the dog’s part.

If you go to the links on the blogroll here you will find many resources there to help you get started
Train with smile…and play ball!



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