Tricks and Stunt Dog

It’s ALL tricks. Yep, all training is “tricks”, from a simple “sit” to “pick up your toys” or “dunk the ball”. Trick training is not only fun, it builds skills, relationship, and makes you a more versatile, creative trainer!

In Trick and Stunt Dog classes we will cover things like retrieve tricks, distance/platform tricks (done a distance away from you, and/or on a pedestal), bow, say prayers, scent work, crawl, and much more. You will learn to use targets as a training tool, how to shape behaviors and effective cueing.

Titling, AKC and DMWYD: For those who wish to earn titles, we will also offer testing for AKC and Do More With Your Dog Trick Titles, as well as practice the requirements for Stunt Dog titling.

Tricks classes and workshops taught by Char are held at Love on a Leash in Harrisonburg, VA.  Next series of classes starts Mar. 12, 2018. Class is full.

I am also available for private lessons. As a CTDI and AKC Trick Dog Evaluator, I can offer evaluation/judging for AKC Trick Dog and Do More With Your Dog titles. Contact Char,