Canine Fitness-WHY

by Char Turner LVT, BS, CSCC, AKC Fit Dog Instructor

What are the benefits of fitness training?

  • Helps to prevent injury for training in sports and daily life
  • Improves function and performance in all activities for daily life and/or sports, by building body awareness, strength and stamina.
  • Senior dogs can participate too! Help our senior dogs make the most of this phase of life by improving balance, strength and flexibility.
  • A great way to teach foundation behaviors that transcend other training.
  • A fun way to train and bond with your dog!
  • It’s a great way for your dog to build confidence.
  • Provides both mental and physical stimulation.
  • Short sessions can be very beneficial when designed properly.
  • Makes you a better trainer.

How is a canine fitness class different from just taking walks, playing in the yard, or practicing a sport?

  • By adding a properly designed fitness program you will target specific areas in a balanced approach to increase overall strength, flexibility, balance, body awareness and overall conditioning. A well designed and focused exercise program should be doable for the individual and relatively convenient.

What will we learn in Fit Dog Plus class?  Being taught by a certified instructor, you will learn:

  • The essentials for safe and effective fitness training and how to adapt it for your dog.
  • How to recognize correct form and posture. This is critical to effective performance of all exercises! Without proper form, benefit is lost- THIS is the missing link for many who may have learned to train some exercises but neglected proper form.
  • How to improve posture to attain proper form
  • How to improve your dog’s weaker areas that will help function and performance.
  • Specific exercises for specific purposes, and ways to modify for your dog.
  • How to properly use exercise equipment
  • How to use household items as exercise equipment.
  • Exercises that will benefit balance, strength, flexibility and proprioception.

Why are Char’s classes named “Fit Dog Plus”-what is the “Plus”?

  • As a Certified Canine Strength and Conditioning Coach by NC State U Veterinary College, I teach from my own curriculum that offers more than the AKC Fit Dog requirements. Hence, Fit Dog “Plus!”. For those who are on the AKC Fit Dog title track, “Fit Dog Plus” as I teach it, more than meets AKC requirements for Fit Dog points. I also offer AKC Fit Dog assessment with certificates for those who want it. The AKC title program details are here:

Fit Dog Plus! current class details here

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