Current offerings and updates

2023 Canine Fitness Classes held at Love On A Leash, Harrisonburg VA Mondays,

Next session- Mondays, April 3-May 8. 6 weeks.


WHY Canine Fitness, FAQ’s

For more info or to request sign up contact Char:


Winter Fitness 2023! Mondays, Jan. 23- Mar. 6. Fit Dog Level 1-1:30-2:30. Level 2- 3:00-4. Makeup class all levels offered Mar 13, 1:30. Level 1- $160.00.  Level 2 $150.00.  Email for more info or to reserve your spot.

Optional AKC assessment for those wanting points towards the AKC Fit Dog titles.

Eligible dogs must have completed minimum basic obedience training and be able to work safely and under control around other dogs and people.


Dec. 3, 2022- 10:00-1:00- Workshop: Focus First! Focus foundations for training and relationship. FULL.

Nov. 2022-new session of Content To Scent program for sensitive and environmentally challenged dogs training in scent sports! This is not your “skills and drills” class. It is about building confidence and comfort zones to enhance scent training. Classes or private lessons available and ongoing. Class size is limited to 3 dogs and handlers to provide low stress environment and one on one attention. To make reservations email Char:

Oct 30 and Nov 2 2022- Content to Scent Mini Workshop- Trillium Valley Dog Training, Sperryville VA November 2022-

AKC Fit Dog Classes  Classes will be taught at Love On A Leash, Harrisonburg, VA. 6 weeks: Mondays 2:00 starting Nov 7 or Tuesdays 3:30-4:30, starts Nov 8. Email Char for details:


Summer break until Fall 2022! AKC Fit Dog Club Dec. 2021- April 2022- at Turner Farms. Workout circuit on Thursdays, Walks on Tuesdays, weather permitting. April 7 & 14-1:00 FitDog Workout Circuit, Turner Farms (subject to weather) March, 2022- FitDog workouts every Thursday, 1:00 at Turner Farms. Subject to weather. Feb. 15, Group Walk, 1:00, local park Feb. 10, 2022 Fit Dog Workout, Turner Farms 12:30-2:30 Feb. 7 2022, Group Walk, local park 1:00 Jan. 13, 2022, Thurs.-Fit Dog Workout- Turner Farms 12:30-2:30 Jan. 12 2022, Wed.-Fit Dog Group Walk, local park, 1:00 *************************************************************************** 2021 and prior Dec. 31, 2021, Friday, 12:30-2:30, Fit Dog Workout-Turner Farms Dec. 23 2021, Thursday 12:30-2:30- Fit Dog Workout, Turner Farms Dec. 16 2021, Thursday 12:30-2:30 Fit Dog Workout, Turner Farms New! AKC Fit Dog Club:  First meetup, Dec. 10, 2021. Exercise stations with setups, at Turner Farms.


2018 AKC Farm Dog Certified Test-October 27, 2018. Turner Farms, Harrisonburg, VA. Premium will be posted here and on the AKC event page when available. Pre-entries only, deadline Oct. 20.  AKC event listing here  AKC Farm Dog workshop/prep class-Aug 18, 2018, 9:00-11:30 AM. Workshop is full. NEW! AKC Farm Dog Certified prep class Held on the same farm where we will be conducting a Farm Dog Certified Test on Oct. 27, 2018. (Harrisonburg, VA) Wednesday mornings 9:30-10:30. Dates: June 6,13,20,27. July 11, 18.  Tricks (AKC and DMWYD), DMWYD Stunt Dog and Parkour Classes Next Tricks session TBA, held at Love on a Leash in Harrisonburg, VA. Space is limited. If interested contact Char, TRICK DOG TITLING: As a CTDI, (Certified Trick Dog Instructor)I offer Do More With Your Dog titles in classes, private lessons, or by video.  Private lessons by appointment. Contact Char for info: Competition Obedience: Fenzi TEAMTEAM is an acronym for Training Excellence Assessment Modules. As an avid Fenzi Dog Sports Academy student since 2013, I offer private lessons in this positively motivating and relationship based approach to competition obedience. TEAM is a standalone video titling program that also offers the challenges and solid foundation that can translate to any other competitive obedience venue (AKC, UKC, CDSP, etc.). Details about this innovative video titling program here: Private lessons by appointment, contact Char,

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