World Treibball League started today

Thanks to Nancy Tanner of Paws and People in Montana, we now have a league to play in from now until March, 2013. This is very exciting for those of us who are training in areas where Treibball is scarce or unheard of (which right now is most everywhere, as we are growing in numbers but still far between in our big country!). It will provide a structure for and goals for training while we train patiently for competitons to become a reality.  World Treibball League

Treibball skills in a nutshell

So what are the elemental skills required to train and play treibball? Here is a brief summary:

Trainer skills include:

  • Cooperative working relationship with your dog
  • Positive reinforcement methodology
  • Good mechanics, clicker skills
  • Shaping, Targeting, Backchaining.

Dog Skills, Basic obedience:

  • Recall
  • Wait/stay
  • Sit, down
  • Heel position, right and left

More advanced obedience/distance  skills needed:

  • Send away/go out, to 35 feet and more
  • Distance wait, down, sit
  • Directionals- facing handler, and going away from handler
  • Walk up/on and wait

Specific Treibball skills:

  • Push ball- on cue, with good form and speed
  • Ball control
  • Ball selection on cue- back away, walk up, right, left, go on/out

Click here for videos