Treibball skills in a nutshell

So what are the elemental skills required to train and play treibball? Here is a brief summary:

Trainer skills include:

  • Cooperative working relationship with your dog
  • Positive reinforcement methodology
  • Good mechanics, clicker skills
  • Shaping, Targeting, Backchaining.

Dog Skills, Basic obedience:

  • Recall
  • Wait/stay
  • Sit, down
  • Heel position, right and left

More advanced obedience/distance  skills needed:

  • Send away/go out, to 35 feet and more
  • Distance wait, down, sit
  • Directionals- facing handler, and going away from handler
  • Walk up/on and wait

Specific Treibball skills:

  • Push ball- on cue, with good form and speed
  • Ball control
  • Ball selection on cue- back away, walk up, right, left, go on/out

Click here for videos


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