The Treibball journey in progress…

These are exciting times in the field of dog training, dog sports, communication and technology. When agility was in it’s infancy, so was the Internet. As the Internet has grown, we have all been witness to the explosion of information and communication. It is no coincidence that dog training and sports have exploded along with it!

Haley pushing

When Treibball first came on the scene it was via youtube in about 2009-10. Since then the entire world is now able to view the sport in it’s infancy and literally watch it grow. Everytime I search youtube for treibball, I find something new. An inspiration for a new training idea or a game, training techniques, equipment, etc. You name it, it’s there somewhere! I have been captivated by the creativity and pure joy by which this sport is executed. And it grows.

In late 2012, the first virtual World Treibball League was implemented by trainer/instructor Nancy Tanner of Bozeman, Montana. This has been a wonderful outlet for those of us that are engaged, creating, and growing with the sport. All by VIDEO, the league allows us to share and engage from across the globe. Those of us participating are forming this unique bond and share comments, ideas, and opinions about what we are doing in the league. We watch each other’s videos from far away places, we watch each other struggle and grow. We support each other on this journey, and we all love our dogs no matter what they do.

We are all a part of something bigger than ourselves, and even bigger than the league itself at this point. We are part of the ever growing trend in creativity and humanity in dog sports-and it is all about us working together with our dogs to mutually enrich our lives and make us better human beings. Just to know the pure joy of  learning, playing, communicating and creating, as equal and willing partners with our dogs. There are no ribbons, titles or accolades that can be more rewarding than that!

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