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Dogs are my lifelong passion and joy, and watching them learn is nothing short of miraculous. As the landscape of dog sports continues to grow, exploring the creative and innovative sports has become my favorite thing to do-and there certainly is a plethora to pick from these days! So my criteria for choosing sports and activities are:

1) Must promote JOY, FUN to train=FUN for dogs. 2) Must be challenging to train, but also motivating for the dog. 3) Must be creative to inspire teaching/training “out of the box”. 4) Most important, must prioritize the human/canine relationship.

Bottom line is that I just love doing all of this-seeing dogs thrive on learning, being partners in the process, witnessing those small miracles every day…it never ceases to amaze me.

Char Turner, trainer, bio and resume here>

My dogs, 2003-present

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