Parkour-It’s a Dog’s World!

FlashParkourHaley parkourIMG_1964

See class description for Parkour Dog

Dogs on the ball are always on the lookout for more ways to have fun!  We are very excited about this latest creative sport to hit the dog scene.  Dog Parkour is all about relationship, fun and creativity. It combines tricks, fitness, and obedience all in one fun activity. Parkour by definition is using the environment for playing and training. The great thing about it is that you can do it anywhere, anytime, using whatever obstacles are present and available-trees, benches, bike racks, tires, etc. There is training involved of course, but Parkour allows the flexibility to choose appropriate obstacles for your dog’s ability, and the creativity to train a variety of fun behaviors on cue. I have recently been working with Flash on these skills during our walks in public parks, on the college campus where I work, and here at home on the farm. Using the world as a playground for training and playing is FUN!  With an emphasis on safety, The International Dog Parkour Association has a non-competitive video titling program, and you can pick the time and place for everything you do!

See my class description for Practical Parkour Dog

VIDEO: Here is the start of Flash’s parkour adventures.

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