2 thoughts on “Some great tips on dogs that stress and shut down from trainer, author and educator, Dr. Deb Jones-

  1. Thanks, Char! I thought I was signed up for her blogs but apparently not. Are you going to take her Fenzi class on the theory?

    I hope Haley and your boys are doing well. Sarika’s cardio check up showed some progression of mitral valve disease. She’s borderline for medication and I’ll make a decision after we see her blood work results. She is still asymptomatic and I may wait and get another echo test in spring. The mast cell tumors are stable but laryngeal paralysis is now the major concern–no symptoms unless she gets overanxious and/or overheated. Thankfully the hot weather finally ended. However, I know it will get progressively worse.

    As soon as I finish exams in mid-December, I want to start visiting Bridgewater parks. I heard that Oakdale is closed from the recent ice storm. I’ll check on park hours and let you know when my schedule will permit me to go during the daytime.



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